About Us

About us

As founder of Slamm Productions and an avid videographer and photographer it has been my aim to shoot videos, 360º photography and stills and to provide affordable, creative video and photgraphic content to business of all types and sizes.

To that end I have always strived to ensure we have the right cameras, kit, crew and editing facilities to allow us to produce great digital content quickly and affordably, on time and to budget. Our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations.

Robert Green

Through experience I have learned that successful digital production also depends on thorough planning. We have therefore developed robust processes for ensuring that videos 360s and stills are produced with the maximum efficiency. This means liaising with our clients and thoroughly planning a shoot before it happens so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. It means making sure we have all the kit and crew necessary and that the location(s) are suitable, scripts and props prepared and everyone necessary to the production are available at the right time.

We own the state-of-the-art hardware and software needed to shoot and edit great HD video on location and here. We create titles, captions and graphics in house. We can also supply stock images and footage, royalty free music, voice over artists and presenters, As well as cameras, lights, microphones, etc, our kit also includes items such as autocue, steadicam, crane, portable backgrounds and generator. We also shoot stills and 360º photograph. We supply videos optimised for your requirements including broadcast, the internet, exhibitions, shows, presentations and in-store.

We are London based and are fully equipped for shooting on location, both within the UK and internationally. We have a dedicated, back-lit, product studio with illuminated turntable for excellene product videos. We also have portable green screens for location work. Our Autocue is also great for clients who want to deliver a message to camera as efficiently as possible.

Video is proven to increase conversions and sales. Watching video content builds a viewers trust in a venue, service or product. It looks great on mobiles which are becoming more and more the main way people view websites. Also it can help improve your Google page rankings

360º product shots allow viewers to look at a complete 360º view of the product, thus getting a complete view and allowing them to look in detail at specific aspects they are interested in. This is done through one moveable image instead of a series of different images which are more cumbersome to view and may not show the exact feature they are interested in. 360º panoramas are great for showing venues and locations and we can put them into interactive tours allowing viewers to navigate in the direction and speed they want