Aerial Videos & 360s

The advantages of Aerial Videos

UAVs often referred to as ‘Drones’ now offer great opportunities in video production.

It is now possible to get fantastic aerial shots of buildings, locations and events without having to go to the vast expense of hiring a helicopter or aeroplane.

With the latest UAVs, high quality Aerial Video Production can be achieved economically and quickly. These marvellous machines offer very stable platforms to shoot from. Often if the UAV is hovering it is so stable you would think it was fixed in position rather than flying. They can also fly fast when required, track subjects and perform a wide range of actions and are stable even when winds are gusting.

Slamm Productions - An Aerial Video Production company

Here at Slamm Productions we have different UAVs for different Aerial Video Production needs. We use a DJI Inspire for work where we have plenty of room. This can travel fast and is very stable in gusting winds. We shoot video in 4K on this UAV. For shooting aerial video in more confined areas, urban areas and indoors we use a Mavic Air. This is a much, much smaller UAV but still shoots great 4K video. We can also shoot aerial stills and aerial 360 panoramas.

The Aerial Video shoot

Having the right equipment for an aerial video shoot is only half the solution though. UAVs need to be flown by a pilot that is capable of getting the right shots. It also has to be flown responsibly. It is illegal for paid work to be carried out by UAV pilots unless the are fully insured and have permission from the CAA. Our UAVs are flown by an experienced, qualified drone pilot with CAA permission and full insurance. When shooting videos we know how to check areas for suitability and how to gain permission to fly in restricted areas when possible.

We often combine shooting Aerial Videos with ground based videos to help add a big budget feel to a production and to get just the right shots. Please phone or email us to find out how we can help you with your aerial video needs and get Slamm Productions working for you.

Here are examples of footage from some recent shoots


Below is aerial footage we have shot for St Lawrence College, Ramsgate, Kew Green Preparatory School and Kingswood School


Below is aerial footage we have shot for Woldingham Golf Course


Below is an example of an Aerial 360 panorama, linking through to another 360º, still, video and web page. View in full screen for the best experience