Internal Communication Videos

Internal Communication Videos – Keep Your People Informed

Communication within a company is always very important. And the bigger the company and the more spread out it is the harder that can become to deliver properly.


In this digital age people spend many hours watching video on their phones, tablets and computers. This means whether at work or at home they can easily view video content in more and more locations. So there really is no reason why senior figures in companies should not use video to communicate with their people and let their faces bee seen and their voices heard by all.


So why not take advantage of that fact and instead of just emailing or sending a pdf, connect with you your staff and colleagues with Internal Communication Videos. Keep your people engaged and up to date with what is going on from quarter to quarter or even month to month. If you are having a big meeting or end of year event, an Internal Communication Videos can show everyone what the company is doing.


We create Internal Communication Videos for some of our larger clients. These can be simple regular pieces to camera delivered by the same person giving a general update about regular developments. They can be individual videos about new and exciting developments to be shown through our clients intranets or via the web. They can also be more complex videos showing what has been happening over a period of time or of a big development including footage shot in various locations, voice overs, animated graphics, music etc for display on a big screen at a company event.