Product 360ºs

The advantages of Product Videos

Product videos are a tried and tested way of bringing in more sales. If prospective clients can watch Product Videos they can see exactly what the products do. This will help them decide if they want to purchase the product. It can also help prevent returns from dissatisfied customers, by making sure that they know what they will be buying. So getting a great video of your product is essential.

Slamm Productions - Video Production Company London

At Slamm we have years of experience creating videos for our clients. Our Promotional Video Production services include many Product Videos, demonstrating products on retailers and customers websites. As an experienced Promotional Video Production company we can combine our experience with Sales Videos and Marketing Video Production to give you the product video you need to sell your products.

We have a dedicated backlit product studio with turntable to allow us to easily shoot products from a wide range of angles on a clean white background and base. We have experience in shooting product videos of clothing and of electronic goods including cameras, computers, printers and many other items.

Promotional Videos

We shoot Promotional Videos for many clients and can include products and product reviews within them. This can help create an all-encompassing video which can be especially useful if the customer is unfamiliar with the brand name, adding credibility to the brand by showing something of the company as well as the product.

We can usually turn round product videos rapidly and can help with scripts, voice overs graphics and music. We offer great prices with substantial discounts for multiple products.

As you can see from the examples on this page, as well as shooting product videos we also shoot product stills and 360 VR product photographs.

360º product photography allows viewers to see your products from a full 360ºs so they can be sure of what they are purchasing

This helps convert views into sales and also reduces returns. It is a great way of generating new sales


Below are some examples we shot. These interactive images work on Computer, Tablet and Smart Phone. On touchscreens you can use your finger to rotate the image.
Please click here for more examples with more features such as product zoom
<iframe width="800" height="480" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/177351802" allowfullscreen></iframe>